I had my astrology reading/report done by Karissa. It was very well done, the similarities to me and how my life has gone was very accurate. Very happy with the service!

It was an absolute pleasure to art trade with @astroviak. The natal chart interpretation that she did for me in exchange for this piece is so incredibly thorough. It seems that I could read it over 200 times and still find new insight each time.

Thank you!!! I LOVED the reading you sent. Blew my mind! I’m definitely going to use it for reference to navigate this next year.

Thank you so much. This is amazing! I really appreciate the amazing job you did preparing my report. Quite the talent you have. So grateful for this experience.

Oh my god, wow! This is amazing, thank you so much. You truly have a gift and absolutely must keep sharing this with the good souls in this world! Thank you for the beautiful wisdom, I’m going to have to read through this a number of times.

Thank you so much for reading my chart! I am honoured and grateful. You have given me such a gift. It feels really special to basically have your life looked at by someone. It’s amazing and I am stunned. I really appreciate your approach, it is not just a dry examination of charts with you, you are actually listening to what is being channeled. It’s actually so intimate. I’m glad you knew a little about me first because I think that enriches the process.

Thank you so much for the astrology report, wow. It is really great! It seems you can read all from the stars. You are very skillful with words and I appreciate your wisdom. I am impressed. Overall, there are a lot of good comments about concepts that are not so easy to verbalize. I really appreciate all of it and will look out for what you’ve noted this coming November.

Karissa - I’ve read the email and I loved your report! Very well written and so true about the traits I have. It was so wonderful. I enjoyed this exploration of myself, I was amazed. You are doing a great job and have vast knowledge! God bless.

In case you are interested in astrology, Karissa predicted the sale of one of my works on April 28 and it happened just as she said! The entire time I was asking myself, how? How could it possibly happen right that way? You were 100% right about other things as well and I’m still trying to assimilate it.

I am still reading this over multiple times, I love it so much. It made me tear up - there is so much resonance. Thank you 💞

Karissa! We got our readings in the mail. First of all, my kids were thrilled to actually receive something in the mail! LOL! But secondly! I don’t even know how to put into words how much we loved reading them. Your ability to so accurately pinpoint each of our personalities and behaviours is crazy. You are very good at what you do! We reread them today at breakfast and could NOT believe how on point they were for each of us. J’s was especially touching because I’ve been talking to her a lot lately about the fact that I think she is really going to shine when she goes to university and you confirmed that with your words. I could write forever about how grateful I am that you took time out of your life to help us understand ours. Thank you for your gift.