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Welcome to my page!

My name is Karissa, I’m an astrologer, writer, and collaborator.

Astrology is the study of the correlation of celestial and earthly events. It’s a technology that we can use to determine the quality of time for an individual or a collective at any given moment.

I promote the freedom of choice and the development of healthy relationships. My sun sign is Gemini (The Twins) and my lunar nakshatra is Purva-Phalguni (Romantic Enjoyment).

Here’s a bit more about me:


I’ve been studying astrology since 2014 and have been practicing professionally since 2021. I use a blend of Hellenistic and Medieval techniques with the tropical zodiac and the lunar nakshatras. I hold a B. A. in Leadership.


I was raised in an evangelical Christian home. My parents have always worked in Christian leadership. I’ve been fortunate to have been witness to countless theological and philosophical conversations in my home and in the churches I grew up in.

I no longer identify as Christian, but I remain grateful for what my experience taught me about prayer, gathering as a group, and the importance of a personal spiritual connection with a higher power.

I married young (at 21) and have been owning and operating a housekeeping business since 2010.


Local markets, comedy, acceptance and non-attachment, natural fibre clothing, AI/human cooperation, expressionism, conceptual art, lateral power distribution.

Bucket list travel destinations

Los Angeles. New York. Europe. The Middle East. Asia.


Respect God, respect yourself, respect others.


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