Welcome! My name is Karissa and this is a place for some self-expression. I like to utilize various mediums such as astrology, the English language, and DALLE-2. Say hi here.


I’ve been studying astrology since 2014 and have been practicing since 2021. I've been fortunate to enjoy a wide variety of undergrad courses, eventually ending up with a B. A. in Leadership. I (like to?) write.

I was raised in an evangelical Christian home. I no longer identify as Christian, but I remain grateful for what my experience taught me about prayer, gathering as a group, and the importance of a personal connection with a higher power.

I married young, enjoy doing housekeeping, and have (unfortunately) performed stand-up comedy. I enjoy time spent outdoors and rewatching favourite shows such as LOST, Firefly, and Arrested Development.

A landscape scene by M. C. Escher of a forest where fruit is made of jewels, and the floor is a soft mossy carpet. There are some clouds in the sky.
via DALL·E 2