Little Things

An M. C. Escher drawing of two minds intertwined.

The shift of a centimetre and how it shifts a trajectory oceans away. The shift of a centimetre, with a breath, and how it enables a body to sink into the deepest active rest. The slightest pause in internal conversation and how it helps us to get to know each other. The eternal limbo limited by the constant of change.

Sunday’s new moon (September 25th, 2022) is taking place in fair and airy Libra and is ruled by Venus in think-y, ordered (adored?) Virgo. New moons represent seeds planted and an increase in general energy reserves for the following fourteen days or so.

We measure things in Virgo and we weigh things in Libra. No matter which mental model we use to understand reality, we seem to always be describing a design, a pattern, where every piece exists in relation to another. Even when we're unaware, little things are continually supporting us.